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20' x 30' Home Gym  

Phase 1: Foundation

First phase of construction started with the preparation of the building foundation. The foundation is the most crucial step in any building project. A strong and durable slab ensures any investment built on top lasts a lifetime. 

Phase 2: Framing 

Second phase of construction consisted of framing walls and roof. Windows and doors were also installed. At the end of this phase, we were left with all sheathing placed and a complete installed roof.

Phase 3: Masonry

Phase three included the installation of brick/rock siding. In this project, the owner wanted to reflect the appearance of his house on this building. Left, right and rear side of the building was finished with brick. The front had a split combination of natural rock and brick.

The last phase is were the building came together. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) rough-in is installed first. This happened simultaneously with phase 3. 

Ceiling and walls were insulated and covered with drywall. Options such as texture, trim styles and paint color were selected by the owner. In addition to the interior, we focused on the exterior in this phase to go over any fine details and ensure the owner was left with a complete finished product. 

Phase 4:
Interior/Exterior Finish
Finished Product
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